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    Trying to get 2 columns even at the bottom of the page


      Hi, I'm creating a 2 column Book, and I need that the 2 columns should look justified at the to and the bottom of the page, Now, there is an option if I go to "Text Frame Options" (Ctrl +B) and checking the "Vertical Justification" check box, but what that will do is, it will use the hole text frame to justify the paragraphs,and in case I half blank page (at he end of a chapter for example) it will mess up my page, I need an idea to keep the letters as it is but just the top and bottom line the 2 columns of the page should be even, and it may leave extra space between the paragraphs not between lines,

      like this example:


      (the letters are Hebrew Letters)



      My page looks like this:



      Notice the difference at the very bottom of the 2 columns.

      do anyone have any idea for me ? it will be for me a big help