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    crossdomain.xml WebServices and virtual hosts

    yantzgh Level 1
      We have an HTTP server (redwood) that sits in front of our application server (sycamore). We use a virtual host-name (sspasd), which binds to redwood on the DNS server to access the applications through redwood forwarded to sycamore. The URL for our application (where the Flex application resides) is http://sspasd.domain.org/rptest/ and the URL for the WebService is http://sspasd.domainname.org/indicatorws/.

      For the WebService in Flex, if the WSDL is http://redwood.domainname.org/... or http://sycamore.domainname.org/... and we use the non-virtual host to access the application as well, the data loads fine.

      If we use the virtual host name (sspasd) to load the application and use any of redwood, sycamore, or sspasd to load the WSDL in Flex, the WSDL loads without error, but when we attempt to call a method in the WebService, we get a "Security error accessing url" error.

      We've added crossdomain.xml files everywhere except the DNS server that sits above the HTTP server because we don't have control over that server.

      Is there any way to use Flex WebServices with virtual host names? If so, how?