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    Problem installing Flash Player 10.3


      I was trying to install Adobe Flash Player 10.3, which is apparently the latest version.  When I go to YouTube, there is now a message at the top of the YouTube website that states you must have Adobe Flash Player 10.3 to watch any videos.  So I tried to install Adobe Flash Player 10.3, but I get the following error message --


      Please close the following programs to continue.



      Internet Explorer


      brccmctl appears to be the program running the Adobe Flash Player 10.3 installer.  If I close brccmctl, the installer window disappears.  I'm using Windows XP, which is supposed to compatible with 10.3.  My browser is Internet Explorer 8.0.  I've also tried turning Norton Antivirus on and off, but that has no effect on this problem. 


      I have no idea what to do to get around this problem, help!!