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    LoadMovie doesn't work in Lightbox


      I load multiple SWFs into a single SWF for seamless user navigation and playback. This allows me to have multiple scenes and a single menu from which to jump to them. Now on to the problem...


      As you can see in my current site, the LoadMovie function works properly when the SWF "loader" sits on an HTML page:
      The HTML page opens with an SWF on it, which correctly loads a movie file(s) into it.


      However, when I put the exact same SWF "loader" file into a prettyPhoto lightbox:
      http://www.readydemo.com/testing/ (click the Clinical Ink thumbnail to see the lightbox)
      The first SWF loads fine but it doesn't load the movie into it.


      Any thoughts? I've tried multiple SWFs that also work fine on an HTML page, all with the same result. I'm stumped...