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    OLE,VB,Camera Raw,Open,ExecuteAction,phEventOpen


      I want to use Camera Raw in Photoshop to open a JPG image, the VB6 code is as follows:
          Dim pPhoto As PhotoshopApplication
          Dim pAdesc As IActionDescriptor
          Dim pCnl As IActionControl

          Set pPhoto = New PhotoshopApplication
          Set pCnl = pPhoto.MakeControlObject
          Set pAdesc = pPhoto.MakeDescriptor
          pAdesc.PutPath phKeyFile, "D:\Photo\030111-042.jpg"
          pAdesc.PutClass phKeyAs, psCameraRAWOpen
          pPhoto.ExecuteAction phEventOpen, pAdesc, phDialogDontDisplay
      But it can not open the file correctly, how to open the correct call Camera Raw JPG pictures?

      PS:I need to call through the COM interface

      I'm sorry, my English is not good