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    How to correctly configure QuickTime 7.6.9's many options for PPRO 5.03 please?

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      regarding PPRO cs5 5.03 win 7 64 bit and QUICKTIME 7.6.9:


      there are a lot of parameters that can be configured

      so i am hoping to ask several questions in this 1 thread

      so i can trust that QUCIKTIME is not the culprit

      with poor playback, poor scrubbing, etc.


      i found the quicktime configuration box from within the win7 control panel: select view: small icons: quicktime (32bit)


      some of these questions may seem naive:



      i use an m-audio profire 610 firewire interface with an asio driver that handles

      24 bit 192kHz


      1) 'Select Audio Playback and Recording Device'

      Should i select the m-audio interface? 


      2)What should be the AUDIO OUTPUT DEVICE LATENCY (MSEC)?

      The default value is set to 33.00 msec.


      3)What should be selected for PLAY AUDIO USING: safe mode (waveout only), Direct Sound, or Windows Audio Session?


      4)For SOUND OUT, Select the output format supported by your audio hardware:


         a) Should the SAMPLE RATE be set for the Profire: 192kHz?


         b) Should SIZE be set to 24 bit?


         c) Should CHANNELS be set to stereo, 5.0, 5.1, etc. or should it be changed

              depending on what the audio project settings are at the moment?





      5) Should VIDEO be set to 'safe mode (gdi only) or DIRECT X?


      6) Should the MEDIA ENCODING 'Enable encoding using legacy codecs' be checked?





      7) Should i be using QuickTime 7.6.9 PRO instead of the free version?




      thank you so much (hopefully this will help),