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    Error getting license


      i have the adobe digital editions installed on my computer (dell/windows) and each time I would have like to open up a book, it says that "ADE was abruptly stopped, resume?" when I say ok, it says error. i try to ignore it but it wont allow for me to open up a new item/book because it will just say "resume pending tasks?"


      I've been trying to fix this problem for over 2 hours...it's killing me! I uninstalled it twice already and reinstalled it again (i read that that was a solution). I tried to "clean" up my computer by deleting everything related to ADE restarting the computer and then installing it again, but it still always says "error getting license/server not provided"


      it seems as if the computer is still stuck with loading up an item (that wasn't completely loaded) two weeks ago...even though i deleted/uninstalled/shutdown/restart/reinstalled so many times!