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    AdvanedDataGrid: performance issues (might also be BlazeDS related)

      Hi guys,

      We are having some performance with an advanceddatagrid with custom datarenderers.

      At runtime, we update the entire grid by removing all columns and adding new ones. The Flex Profiler says the method that does this needs about 600ms, but when clicking the button, you have to wait over 3 seconds until you finally get to see the updated Datagrid.

      We do however, have the [tincan] function that is consuming about 70% of our total CPU-time, but could this cause other methods to slow down? Some Googling tought us that tincan is a function that has something to do with backend communication using BlazeDS. We use BlazeDS, but only once to retireve a remoteobject with necessary data when we start up the Flex application, so is it normal that tincan still needs so much CPU-resources?

      If anybody has any thoughts or input that could help us find the reasons of our performance issues, that would be much appreciated.

      Thabks in advance.
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          flexstone Level 1
          ADG seems to suffer significant degradation performance relative to the number of records and particularly whenever Grouping functions are used.
          In my case I had a grouping setup with about 200 records and performance was really terrible - once I removed the grouping function and instead preformatted my XML data source into hierarchical (grouping) structure there was a dramatic improvement.

          There are lots of posts with complaints about ADG performance and many refuse to use it because of this issue.