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    RoboHelp 8 search vs. ZoomSearch

      We are currently using RoboHelp 7 and the search function is quite basic. I have been asked to investigate better solutions. I have read up on the improved search facility in RoboHelp 8 and also a bit on ZoomSearch and wanted to find out which one people prefer.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          ZoomSearch will always give you more control over the search compared with the built-in search in any authoring tool. The question is whether or not you need that.

          RH's search has improved and may well now meet the requirements of many users. Others, by the nature of their content and users, will need something more specialised.

          The built-in search is just there, no configuration, you cannot forget to update it. ZoomSearch involves a little bit more work but you get greater control. You can have a search page with buttons dedicated to different areas or you can create categories.

          Preference will be based around those factors and how each tool best meets anyone's needs. Fifty people could vote for one of the options but it might not be right for you.

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            Helen_HC Level 1
            Hi Peter,
            thank you for your response. After reading a lot of complaints in the forum about the search capability of RoboHelp 7, I was just wondering whether people felt that RoboHelp 8 is now good enough or whether there are any glaring deficiencies in the RoboHelp 8 Search engine and therefore the advise would still be to go with ZoomSearch.