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    XML Menubar problem through Resource Bundling


      Hi All,


      I  am new to this flex and Resource bundling. Can any one please help me if you know.


      i write code for localization using resource manager for menubar.


      example :- one.as


      private var menubarXML:XMLList =


      <menuitem label="{resourceManager.getString('mainBundle','home')}"   />






      private var menubarXML1:XMLList =



      <menuitem label="{resourceManager.getString('menu','spend')}" >

      <menuitem label="{resourceManager.getString('menu',summary)}" type="check" />

      <menuitem label="{resourceManager.getString('menu',group)}" type="check" />


      <menuitem label="{resourceManager.getString('menu','quality')}" />


      <menuitem label="{resourceManager.getString('menu','pqi'}" type="radio" groupName="one"/>






      function handler_getOrgMenuSuccess(event:ResultEvent){


      orgId = event.result as String;

      if(orgId == "1"){

      var rpcCall1:AsyncToken;

      rpcCall1 = rmObj.getE2eorglist();

      rpcCall1.addResponder(new Responder(handler_getprojectSuccess, handler_getprojectFault) );

      e2eUserList.visible = true;

      createDB.visible = false

      menuBarCollection = new XMLListCollection(menubarXML);



      e2eUserList.visible = false;

      menuBarCollection = new XMLListCollection(menubarXML1);

      createDB.visible = true










      I write code like this, for using resource bundling after LOGIN, this page is opened.



      Thanks in Advance,


      uday kumar c.