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    How do I fix audio mismatch in Premier Elements 4

    The great dog Chippie Level 1

      Computer  has following specs:  Intel Core 2 Quad CPU  Q 9400 @ 2.66 GHz with 2.67 Ghz 3.25 GB Ram and Windows XPI


      Sony HDV A1P Camera


      I am making an instructional video for patients to learn how to do ankle and foot and knee taping. When I uploaded the video to the computer, the video plays well with good audio for the voice, but the sound of the tape wrapping around the ankle is out of sync with the video .


      I have reloaded  Premier Elements 4 program and the same problem exists.  I tested to see if my camera may be the problem, However, when I tested the footage on the TV everything is in sync, the video, the voice and the taping sound.


      Any Suggestions as to what the problem can be with some options for a fix?