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    Drawing a long line

      Hi, I'm having troubles with the width of a line using the lineTo and lineStyle function, I can put setting the thickness and noScale parameters, and it works fine for no longer lines than 32000 pixels, but when I try longer line, the thickness changes to a bigger width.
      Can anyone help me, if you want to try what I'm saying you can prove this by changing the num variable:to 33000 for example:

      num = 32000
      this.createEmptyMovieClip ("Envolvente", 100);
      this.Envolvente.lineStyle(0,0x00CC00,100, false, "none", "round", "miter", 0.8);


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          Rothrock Level 5
          Yes. The answer is to not draw lines longer than 32,000. I think the limit used to be more like 8,000 (or maybe it was 16,000).

          Unless you have an really large monitor you won't be able to see all that anyways. So break up whatever it is you are doing.

          In the past I've also seen movieclips get lost if they went too far from where ever the current points are. So generally you want to keep all your content inside that limit.
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            Oskario1 Level 1
            I need to draw this long lines for a graphic in a zoom. So if there is no solution I'll have to cut the lines and make it in parts, thanks