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    Fillable form fields in PDF file after InDesign export, how is it possible?



      I have exported PDF file from InDesign CS4 and when opening the PDF file in Acrobat, it shows that purple bar with text  "Please fill out the following form...". I have understood that you can't create fillable forms in InDesign so howcome the purple bar  appears? I have highlighted form fields in Acrobat but I couldn't see  any highlights in my PDF file. Only interactivity I have in my document is buttons. If I uncheck interactivity in PDF export settings, purple bar won't appear but then my buttons won't work of course. What makes it even more mysterious is that I have two different PDF files with interactive buttons. Purple bar appears in only the other one.

      So, what should I check from my InDesign file that could be causing this problem? Or how can I find form fields in Acrobat? Couldn't find anything suspicious in "Add or Edit Fields..." option.