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    How to locate the first insertion point on every page?

    Dargon Kong Level 1

      I need to paste some same anchored objects on every page for exporting RTF format.

      So I need to locate the first insertion point on every page.


      Then, I use the code below (make a simple example):

      for(i = 0; i < app.documents[0].pages.length; i ++){




      But when a file has a very long table spread over several pages, the location operation will select the insertion point before the table --- the starting point of the table.

      For instance, a table start on page 3 and end on page 10

      app.documents[0].pages[4~10].textFrames[0].insertionPoints[0])  can't select the first insertion point from page 4 to page 10. (In terms of scripting, the insertion point exists before the very long table starting on page 3.)


      How can I solve the problem? Thanks in advance.