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    Print a comment summary


      Acrobat X, Reader X, english, ver 10.1.0

      Windows PX SP3, english


      There are 12 pages, each consists of text and comments.

      I try to print all pages with a comment's boxes and additional page with a comment's summary, and I need to print all pages on the same paper: A4.


      I've done all instructions from the Help, the program summarized comments, but in the Print dialog window, Preview part, it shows what it has changed both sizes of all pages from my 210x297 mm (ISO A4) to yours 216x279 mm.

      Then I overview the preview, I see my text and comment's boxes only on the 1-st page, but all others show some horizontal lines on the top, without text and comments. Even the last one has only some lines. The document printed exactly as it was showed in the Preview.

      If I try printing only the last page, with the comment summary, it shows and print some horizontal lines.


      What should I do to print a comment summary and do it on the paper, I've set?