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    Interpret interlaced video with 2:2 telecine pulldown as true progressive?

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      Hope my title makes sense. Not sure how well I will be able to explain.


      We have interlaced video files from film telecine. The telecine transfer were made at 25fps as the machines are PAL and this allows us to capture each descrete film frame within the 2 interlaced video fields. I believe this is called 2:2 pulldown. 2 fields for every film frame. The film is captured to V210 10-bit uncompressed blackmagic .avi files. We have films intended to be played back at anything from 12fps to 25fps. Everything is captured at 25fps as the only other available speed is 16 2/3rds fps which creates duplicated fields (3:2) and only works for 16fps content.


      So, even though the video file is interlaced (top field first) by combining the fields you get a progressive film frame. Is there anyway to tell Premiere to interpet this footage as progressive without dumping half the fields? As far as I am aware if I work with a progressive sequence or interpret the footage as progressive Premiere will retain the dominant fields and interpolate the rest. I understand this for interlaced content where each field is from a different temporall moment but we actually have the ptrogressive frames just stored as 2 fields.


      Any advice appreciated.



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