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    Setting Default Indesign program with multiple versions installed Snow Leopard



      when having 2 versions of Indesign installed (CS4 and CS5), Snow Leopard uses CS5 as the default application to open INDD files.

      Typically if you want to set a particular program as the default program, you right-click on the file, go to "get Info", then "open with" and pick the applications from the pulldown menu and then click right below it "Change All". Typically now that program has become the default program. This has worked all the time except in this case. When trying to set Indesign CS4 as the default program for all INDD files (use CS4 99% of the time and all INDD files on the system were created using CS4) it will not let me use the "change all" button. It automatically goes back to CS5. I want Indesign CS4 to be the default program.


      Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.