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    DNG codec doesn't support descriptive tags in Windows 7


      I installed the Adobe DNG codec yesterday which does indeed make it possible for Windows Explorer, Windows Media Player, Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Media Center to display DNG files (as thumbnails and as full sized images).  I discovered however that descriptive tags are not supported.  I use descriptive tags to organize my JPG photos. Descriptive tags are fully supported with JPG files in Windows 7.  Windows Explorer exposes them for viewing and editing in the metadata pane along the bottom of the window.  Windows Live Photo Gallery exposes them for editing and in the tree structure that is used for navigation.  Users in Windows Media Center can choose to view their photos by descriptive tags, or date, or folder.  Without descriptive tags, my photos would be a disorganized mess.  I'd like to switch to storing my photos as DNG's rather than as JPG's, but it just isn't feasible without descriptive tag support in the codec.  Any chance the DNG codec will support descriptive tags in a future release?