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    ID CS5 - Paragraph styles continually overridden

    L Hickle

      I work for a small newspaper, and for years we have been preparing our articles in a galley, formatting them with paragraph styles, and then copy/pasting them into a larger newspaper document file. The articles are prepared on several different computers using the same galley template, and then forwarded to the page layout computer for assembly. All the paragraph styles match from machine to machine.


      I do the page layout, and my usual procedure when an issue was done was to save the document under a new name, delete the articles (leaving the column headers, etc.) and use this for the next week's issue. I realize it's probably better to start fresh every week; but for years it worked just fine. We're currently using ID CS5 (not 5.5), and my document is a legacy file from CS4. (Don't know if that's a problem, but thought I should throw it out there.)


      Yesterday when I tried to add blank pages to the document, InDesign kept crashing, so I created a new document from scratch, setting it up to match the old one (and saving a copy as a template besides, for good measure). I loaded the paragraph styles from the old document, and there's where the oddness started.


      Now when I go to my galley document and do the cut-n-paste, ID consistently sets the body copy as Times, even though the style is set to Minion Pro. I made sure my default font when nothing is open is Minion Pro; check. The style called [Basic Paragraph] is set to Minion Pro. The Character Style is set to [None]. So where the heck is Times coming from???


      I looked at [Basic Paragraph], and while it is indeed set to Minion Pro, it says it is based on [No Paragraph Style]. Is that some kind of default somewhere that I can change? And why can't I have a [None] paragraph style?


      Now I admit I have a huge set of styles, but it only affects some of them. For instance, my caption style is also based on [No Paragraph Style], but it comes in as Franklin Gothic just as it should.


      I have deleted my preferences, and nothing changes. So if anyone has run into this type of problem, or has any idea what I should try next, I'm all ears!!!

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          L Hickle Level 1

          I did a little more testing. If I open up a previously-used document (from several weeks ago), and try the copy-paste, the style works as it should, and the text comes in Minion. If I open up the new template I made yesterday, however, I first get an error that Times (TT) is missing. I thought, AHA — there's where I can set the document's default to Minion, right? So I changed that. But when I tried the paste it did it AGAIN. It is determined to use Times!


          I wonder if I should actually create the template in CS4, and then open it in CS5, and see if it works any better. Off to check ...

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            Check the type spects in Basic Paragraph as well as in the Character panel with nothing selected, and make sure that [None] is selected in the Character Styles panel..

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              L Hickle Level 1

              I even set [Basic Paragraph] to match the incoming style I wanted — and had the Character Style set to [none] — and Times overrode it again. It's determined, if nothing else!


              I may have solved the most pressing issue, however. I opened up a month-old newspaper file and repurposed that into a template. The copy-paste thing worked. It doesn't explain the cause of the problem, but at least it's a work-around. I'll just keep 20- and 24-page versions available depending on which size I'll need.


              It's still a head-scratcher though.