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    How do I get permission to load an ebook on my Kobo?


      I have downloaded a library book to ADE, but when I attempt to load it to my Kobo, I receive a warning which says "No permission to copy document here." 


      Additionally, if I close ADE then reopen it, it tells me that a book didn't fiinsh downloading, and do I want to finish now.  This is even though it is already showing on ADE, and I can even open it there.

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          I think you have two problems.  First, the warning you received from ADE is

          that the publisher has not permitted copying of his material onto your

          Kobo.  You can't get around that.


          Next, there's a glitch in the ebook you've downloaded and ADE can't complete

          the download process.  This happens for a variety of reasons, depending on

          the source of the ebook (where you downloaded it from) and the software

          that's part of the process (normally this isn't ADE but software either on

          your computer, like your anti-virus software, of their computer, like

          Overdrive which many ebook sources use).


          Now what do you do.....  For the warning message, open ADE in Library view,

          find the avatar or line for the ebook that won't copy, and put your cursor

          on it.  A small arrow will appear next to the title.  Put your cursor on the

          arrow, and a drop-down menu will appear.  One of the entries is 'Item

          Info'.  Click on that line, and you'll see a display of information about

          the ebook, including the publisher's permissions.


          For the incomplete download, there's more twists and turns.  I'd start by

          turning off your anti-virus program and then open ADE to see if it will

          complete the download.  If that doesn't work, then you should contact the

          technical support for the source of the ebook and see what they can do for



          Hope this helps!