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    QTP 10 not able to record flex 4 objects




      I am trying to record an application containing flex4 objects using QTP 10 but could not able to do it.


      Below  are the installations I have made:-


      1. Adobe flash player version :

      2. Internet Explorer : IE7

      3. QTP 10

      4.PLUGIN -Adobe Flex 4.5 Plugin for HP QuickTest Pro


      After installing the plugin and restarted the machine, I am able to see a new add-in for flex  in QTP addins and I have selected the addin but still I am not able to record the flex objects.


      After surfing in the net I found that  these two TEAPluginIE.dll and TEAPluginQTP.dll should be loaded but I found only TEAPluginQTP.dll to be loaded.


      I am not sure why its not able to load TEAPluginIE.dll. Or are there any IE browser settings to be made.


      If anybody has already worked on it then please provide your inputs.




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          I don't have anything to add, but also wanted to let you know that FlexUnit isn't really related to QTP in any way. I can understand posting in here in hopes of help, but I don't think anyone who works with the QTP or automation libraries monitors these forums, so I didn't want you to bank on getting an answer.