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    Trouble Displaying Topics

    CAMS-Help Level 1

      I'm the developer for our company's Help system and I've worked with RoboHelp for close to 15 years, so I thought I knew the ins and outs pretty well. However, I've recently started having trouble with topic display... but only on MY computer. When I open the main .chm file and search the index for a topic, if that index word refers to multiple topics, a selection box is displayed (which is correct).  However, inside the selection box, the topics from certain help files are listed twice. If I click on the first occurence, it does nothing; but clicking on the second occurence opens the topic. I've had others test the exact same help files and they do not see duplicates topics listed. the issue only seems to exist for me.  Can anyone give suggestions for clearing this up?  It's driving me bananas!!



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          Amebr Level 4

          It looks like you are using merged chms, so perhaps this is a case of hard-coded merge paths in the HHP file. Additionally it could be that you have a phantom duplicate of your chms coded into the merge section as well.


          Open the hhp file and at the bottom, look in the MERGE FILES section. If you see a path as well as a file name then you have the hard-coded merge path.


          Also check if you have the same file listed more than once, with different paths (it's possible that you may have one with a path and one without a path).


          Post back with what you find and the version of RH you are using and we can provide the appropriate details for your situation as the solution/workaround will depend on your RH version.



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            Sorry for the delay in returning your post. I'm only in the office on Tuesdays and Wednesday and have had little time to work on the issue.


            I am using merged .chms, and I do see a hardcoded path in the main HHP file. However, even if I edit the path to only reflect the name of the merged .chm files, the next time I compile, the hard coded path is back.


            I am using RoboHelp version 9.01.232.  I recently upgraded to that version but the problem existed before the upgrade.

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              Amebr Level 4

              There have been reports of a solution in RH9, which is one reason the version you were using was important. (if you're interested, it's existed since at least RH6 but doesn't seem to affect everyone.) See item 13 in Using Robohelp 9 on Peter Grainge's site: www.grainge.org.


              Hopefully that works otherwise you'll have to perform the manual deletion and recompile for every release.

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                That solution worked! YAY!!  This issue actually exited in version X5, which is one of the reasons I upgraded, hoping it would take care of it!


                Thank you for your help     I've bookmarked that site for future references!