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    welcome Director 11.5  Few questions

      I have purchased the upgrade for 11.5 and am making my first test.
      This upgrade is very significant for the kind of product i do (high level business graphics)
      because integrating video (flv) with alpha chanel in no DTM mode allow me to integrate it as part of the graphic.
      Anyway i 've found two commands that doesn't work.

      1. Undos. just one. Simply no work
      2. Deleting unused castmembers (Find/castmember/usage) from different cast after selecting them is impossible.

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          James Newton, ACP Level 3
          What action is it that you are trying to undo?

          I have discovered one issue where dragging and dropping text requires two undo steps: one to delete the text at the new location, and a second one to re-instate it at its initial location. I have also discovered that there is just one level of undo possible in the VectorShape editor window. I have not encountered a situation where undo does not work at all.

          As for deleting unused cast members, I have done this successfully many times. The key is to unfloat the Cast window. You can do this by clicking on the little menu icon at the right end of the collapse bar under the window title bar. Select the last entry in the menu: Unfloat Panel Group.

          The Cast window is a floating tool window by default in Director 11.5. If you want to keep it that way, and still be able to delete members that have been selected by Edit | Find | Cast Members... + Usage (Not Used in Score), then you can Cmd/Ctrl-click on a cast member twice to select then deselect it again. This brings the cast members into focus; the appropriate items in the Edit menu will now be enabled, and the Delete and Backspace keys will function.
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            linusITA Level 1
            Thanks for your answer.

            What action is it that you are trying to undo?
            Just moving a sprite on the stage several times until it fit the composition, Director 11.5 keep just the last operation, so one undo.

            Unfloat the Cast window is ok, it allow the operation of deleting unused castmembers of differents cast.

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              Level 7
              The multiple undo only affects the script window and text members.
              Everything else gets 1 level of undo. Arguably, the most important
              place to have multi-undo is with text, specifically the script window,
              so this is certainly an improvement over what we had before.... though
              not as complete as we all might like.