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    Quick question about transitions and effects


      Hey everybody.


      I am new to Adobe Premier Pro and using CS5.5.  In the past I have used Pinnacle Studio, and now Avid Studio but I want to phase them out and go more professional with Adobe.  My only issue is things like transitions, effects, and audio.  I was wondering if there was any plugins for Premier Pro which would add more transitions and effects.


      In Pinnacle and Avid Studio there are literally 100s of transitions and effects built in.  But in Premier pro there's only a few, and they are very generic.  I'm not sure if this is because by going pro you are expected to make your own, or use AE but I am hoping there are some out there.  I looked at the plugins listed on adobe but none seem to focus on specifically transitions.  I understand about BCC and Red Giant but those are way more then I want and will take a long time to learn.


      I also was wondering the same thing about text/titles.  In studio theres tons of premade titles, animations, and effects for text.  Is there any plugins like that for Premier Pro, or is that again that your expected to make them yourself.


      Finally, in the pinnacle programs there is "scorefitter" which has tons of preset soundtracks which you just click and add to your movie.  Are there plugins like that for Premier Pro.


      I am hoping there are some longtime users who will have insight for me especially if you know what i mean in regards to how these things are in Pinnacle.  I did search google, and even read about the plug ins on Adobe, but Im not finding the info.  Any help or a point in the right direction would be truly appreciated.




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          EricCJunk Level 1

          Thanks Jeff.  And yes, Windows 7 64bit  if you can think of any others.

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            Jim_Simon Level 8
            I'm not sure if this is because by going pro you are expected to make your own


            It's probably more because in going pro, you will use the flashy (cheesy?) transitions less.  The two most used will be the simple cut, and the cross dissolve.  These two probably account for better than 99% of all transitions in a professional piece of work.


            Either that, or because Adobe knows that others have done the work by creating plug-ins.

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              SFL46 Level 3

              There are several third party programs that will alow you to create your

              own transitions, such as BorisFX Red.


              However, I suggest you watch a couple of scripted TV show and pay attention to the transitions between scenes.  You will note that simple cuts, i.e., no transition is the norm--they are often less distracting.  You may also see dips to black when the scene change might be jarring in a cut.  Dissolves may be used for simulating the change in time.  In transitions, less is best.

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                lasvideo Level 4

                Rules are made to be broken. For an example of that just watch "Burn Notice".  Its tastefully pulls out all the stops and the key to its success is that what is done is appropriate to the nature of the show. Classic drama doesnt need fancy transitions but music videos and certain corporate marketing presentations thrive from it. As an editor you develop an instinct over time as to what will work and what wont. There are lots of different presentation styles / formats  that editors may encounter. Just subscribing to the old fogey belief that "only cuts and dissolves are needed" will limit your ability to give a certain video presentation the visual look it may need. As a professional you need to understand and help design the look and feel of your clients projects.


                And keeping with that idea I will share something I discovered last week that was quite exciting for me.


                There have been several discussions recently regarding the lack of good transitions for PrP. As a working editor I need a variety of tools just in case that marketing video or music video needs a different kind of transition just to spice things up. The Avid DS excelled at this by using a node structure to allow you to mix and match every filter in the box to create something unique and different when that need arose (i.e. clients asking for it).

                I spent my share of Google time researching this and all I found was limited and weak (in the sense of programming controls).

                Well, last Friday I stumbled upon a product that I prematurely dismissed many months ago. Boy was I wrong.

                Boris Red will soon release Red 5 for Mac (64 bits). It does many things I dont need since After Effects is my go to motion graphics software. But it does one major thing that I see as an answer to the prayers of editors like me... it allows you to make customized transitions or to use their vast library and alter as needed. It has lots of things from Continuum as well as the AE library know as Final Effects complete. You can stack them, matte them,blend them as you choose.The degree of control rivals that of Sapphire and Avid DS. It renders fast and gives PrP editors more choices when they want it. It should be released soon. I now feel like I have what I need to make just about every client happy. I tend to do more commercial, marketing and corporate communication projects which tend to need a little more glitz then narratives or docs. I feel like I have discovered a real treasure. I neglected to add that Boris Red 5 is already out for the PC as a 64 bit plugin for PrP. The Mac version will be out in the near future.                                                                                                                            I think this is a positive thing for PrP and enhances what it can offer the vast variety of editors flocking to it these days .
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                  Jim_Simon Level 8
                  appropriate to the nature of the show.


                  And that's the real key point here.  Make sure the rule-breaking-transition really is appropriate.  This caution is offered because sooooooo many times when an amateur edits, it's really NOT appropriate, it's just cheesy - even for a music video.