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    I need to know how to connect different projects in final edit - please help!


      Okay, here's my predicament:


      I'm editing a movie, but I've been putting each scene together individually. I have a different file for each scene, and sometimes even small parts of a scene were edited in a seperate file. Now I need to piece them together, but I don't know how. I'm a beginer with this, I only have a basic understanding of Premiere. I don't understand all of the technical stuff. It was hard to even word this properly, so I couldn't just search for an answer.


      My original idea was to export all of the seperate scenes and then put those video files together in a project, but that didn't work. The size of the video too small. It only took up half of the preview screen. Again, it's hard to really explain what I mean, since I don't know the technical term for it. After that didn't work, I tried copying each clip from one file to another, but I didn't expect that to work. It didn't.


      Is there perhaps some export setting that will not make the video too small? There are too many settings, and I couldn't try them all. Or is there something else I could do? Please help!