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    How can I customize the toolbar to show undo button??

    DCwebGuy Level 1

      Is there a DW equivilent to the "standard toolbar" in CFB2, because I am looking for a way to put the most basic editing commands of Undo/Redo/Copy/Paste and do not see a way to add these to a visible toolbar.  All I see is I have to click the Edit menu, then select the command I want.  I will be really disappointed if I cannot include basic commands like this on a toolbar.  Please don't tell me about keyboard shortcuts, I know they are there but I like to have the visual buttons up on my toolbar, too.  Save All and Word Wrap would be another command I current have on a DW toolbar but can't see how to customize this in CFB2.  Am I missing something?

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          charlie@carehart.org Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Someone may know otherwise, but I suspect you'll find this is just one of those differences between "the eclipse way" and "the dw way". If you search even for , you just won't find much--neither of a solution (except for programming it into the workbench) or even people asking for it.


          I hear you saying you don't want to use keyboard shortcuts for the task, but Eclipse really is more oriented to that for such frequent operations.


          Still, I suspect you're representative of many coming from DW (and HS and CFS), so it's something that perhaps the CFB team could add. You should request it, at https://bugbase.adobe.com/.


          Hope that's helpful.



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            DCwebGuy Level 1

            Thanks, Charlie.  I guess that answers my question, that it's not possible at this time.  It's a total deal breaker for me.  I was about to purchase, now I am not.  I will continue using DW until CF Builder has more customization options so I don't have to make as many clicks to get what I want.


            It's sad because I am a hard-core coder and probably exactly the type of person CFB is trying to reach, so I'm just surprised I find myself having to stick with DW.  Well, they will make money either way I guess.

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              charlie@carehart.org Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I have news for you, some good, some bad, and some where you can still help your cause.


              First, I'll note that I raised this issue for you at RIAcon this weekend, when Hemant (Engineering Director for CF and CFB) spoke on CFB2. He agreed that adding more buttons for folks who prefer that could be helpful.


              I have to admit, though, that I couldn't remember which key it was, and thought it was a bold. Someone pointed out that there was indeed a button bar for such HTML things (though behind a tab you have to notice and open). I think that may have then deflected Hemant's concern for this.


              So I have added him here as a CC (don't know if he's a member of this forum. BTW, Hemant, if you're not, then any reply won't get to the group, but if you add me in manually (charlie@carehart.org), I'll forward your reply if I don't see it appear in the forum.)


              And as I noted, DCwebGuy--why don't people use first names in these forums? -- you could and should at least raise this as a feature request. There may well be other who are with you. The bugbase does support voting, and you could reply to this note with your bug id to give it more pub.


              Moving on (and not to be snarky but instead speaking sincerely) while you say you're a hard-core coder, I'd think there must be "designer-like" features of DW that you like (way beyond this one button click issue) enough to lead you to prefer to stay there and not leverage the many features in CFB that are NOT in DW. If that's not so, then perhaps you didn't see enough of what CFB could do for you.


              I'll say this: some features (like some elements of the fantastic code assist) only work if you go the extra steps of enabling a server connection and things like that. If you don't do that, you won't see and appreciate these unique new features that DW does NOT have. Have you at least seen demos or read the guides to fully appreciate what you're forgoing? It's not "just another editor".


              But again, DW certainly does some things that CFB does not (and may never), so it really different strokes for different folks.


              Finally, if it really were just about keyboard shortcuts vs mouse clicks, I'll suggest that, at least with undo, ctrl-z is used in nearly every app out there, so it's not like it's a burden to learn and use it. That's a terrible way to end, as I'm sure it sounds snarky. Again, I don't mean it. I'm just saying what I'm sure some reading this would think, so if you're moved to respond feel free to do so for their sake--but please take a breath first if this got your blood pressure up. And please don't shoot the messenger.



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                DCwebGuy Level 1

                IT is taking away my DW so I am back to CFB 3 this time.  Custom buttons still missing.  Are there any plugins for this kind of thing?  I'm forcing myself to use CFB moving forward, and yes it does a lot more than DW (no I did not use the design features), but I would like to customize my toolbar with more buttons.  That's all!