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    What is the best way to set up my CFB2 environment?

    DCwebGuy Level 1

      I am new to CFB2 but have been using Dreamweaver (DW) for years.  Homesite before that.  I'm trying to take advantage of what I think are efficiencies in CFB vs. DW but running into problems figuring out the best way to set up my environment, i.e., should I use local, remote, RDS, FTP?


      Here's my set up.  I have three servers that I must VPN in to work with.  Each server's root is a mapped drive on my local PC where I do actual development.  I am remote so I work through a basic Comcast highspeed internet connection.  Using DW, I created "sites" that are seen as local because they point to my mapped drives (even though the machines are remote).  There are some latency issues when opening/saving but for the most part I have just dealt with it.


      So how should I set up CFB to take advantage of all the new server options?  Use "local" or "remote"?  One big problem I just ran into is that I can't see any of the database stuff when connected via RDS because I have IIS compression enabled and I get an error related to that (never been a problem with DW).  So that's a non-starter.


      Anyway, I'm very good at dealing with new software but I have to admit I'm having trouble switching over to CFB unless someone can help me understand how I can take advantage of it vs what's in DW.  One thing I thought you could do is hook up CFB so that when you are writing CFQUERY you will get a tooltip that shows you all the available tables, etc.  That would be nice to have.  But how do I get there??



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          DCwebGuy Level 1

          Don't all jump in at once here, I didn't know it was that difficult a question or that I was the only one operating under this type of environment!  Oh well.  Doesn't look like I'll be using CFB anyway.  Back to DreamWeaver I go.

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            charlie@carehart.org Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            DCWebGuy, I think no one responded because you offered a lot of variables. I suppose no one wanted to try to help deal with all of those. And as I just noted in the message just sent, you do indeed need to get some of these problems sorted to benefit from the code assist (and SQL assist) features, so until you do resolve them, I'll understand why you're not impressed with CFB.


            And since you now (and in the last note) seem to be saying "so long", there may be even less interest among readers to try to help out.


            I will note that if you can't get the RDS stuff to work, then I'm pretty sure the SQL assist won't work. I don't know why CFB tripped over compression when DW did not. You're sure they are both pointing at the exact same version of CF, right? I'm not aware of the issue, but here's another thought: couldn't you create a new site, just to use for RDS, and turn off compression for that?


            But again, I realize you may not be interested in futzing with things any more. (BTW, if you didn't say so in response to my last note, I'd appreciate knowing your first name. Just curious if we know each other, since I used to live in DC, too. Always nicer to have someone in mind when writing.)



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              DCwebGuy Level 1

              I'm not saying so long to CF or the community, just saying I will stick with DW even though I'd really, REALLY like to switch over to CFB.  Done futzing, yes.  Yes, we know each other, I sent you a private email.  These forums use my old username from waaay back.


              For what it's worth, I've tried to address this envinroment variables thing to the CF community in the past and never got any help so that's why it appears I am expressing some frustration, it's dejavu, that's all.  Love CF though, it's given me quite a life over these past 14 years (I've been on it since v3).  I hope CF lives forever.

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                I would try to help because I am operating in a similiar invironment. But if running IIS with compression enabled is the problem I would be no help. I wouldn't compress anything. ;o) If the problem is getting CFB2 configured, I may be some help.


                "should I use local, remote, RDS, FTP? " Well my short answer is yes. I use them all depending??


                I have a local MS SQL database, IIS and Coldfusion. When I am playing with ideas I work all local. When I am working on a real project I connect to the remote development server RDS and setup the remote databases in the local CF admin and the remote CF admins. I work with a local developers copy of CF 9 with the remote databases and CF. Get everything working then move the files to the servers generally as mapped drives.


                LMK if you still want to give it a try or have decided to bypass for now.