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    Acrobat X Pro Compare Documents To Sensitive

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      I am testing the "Compare Documents" functionality for my company in Acrobat Pro X. I must say I am pleased with the results for the most part but it seems like the compares are picking up to much information. For instance, If I insert a table row, I don’t want to see indicators that I have added 20+ new rows to a table (see Screenshot) when I only added 1 row (see grey indicators). I'm looking for a way to modify or tailor the sensitivity of the search function.


      I posted this in the general section of Acrobat and am positing in here for posible scripting ideas. I did seeDocument Compare found too much – JavaScript to the Rescue" ariticle but the dowload link was broken and it would have to be updated to X. http://blogs.adobe.com/pdfdevjunkie/2009/05/document_compare_found_to_much.html




      Any scripting ideas?


      Region Capture.png

      Region Capture2.png