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    I'm on a Mac. My exported videos NEVER work for my clients on PC. Help! How to get around this?


      I do all my animation and editing on my Macbook Pro. However, many of my clients use PCs and are not usually very computer savvy. Every time I send them a high res .mov file, they say it won't play for them, or is only playing audio, though it always works fine on my computer. I've also had clients request an .avi, but I can't seem to figure out how to do that...in After Effects CS5, I'm not seeing that export option. In the past, I've used an online converter in a pinch, but my videos are usually too big for that, or I don't want the extra compression.


      Is there any way I can get a decent .avi out of my mac from After Effects that will play on a PC? Or can you recommend a way to convert the .mov to .avi without losing quality?