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    StageWebView & iOS - How to size rect for both 3gs & iPhone4


      I am using StageWebView in Flex 4.5.1, and having an issue sizing the viewport for both iPhones (3GS & iPhone4).


      When I test the StageWebView component on iPhone 3GS & iPad, the viewport looks great, and sizes perfectly according to my code. However, when I test the same code and emulate for iPhone4, the viewport Rect goes above the navigation header, and covers nearly half of the header.


      In other words, I can make the StageWebView viewport look good on iPhone 3GS & iPad, but that messes things up visually for iPhone4.  Vice versa, I can make the iPhone4 look great, and then the iPad & 3GS have a gap between the header nav and the viewport.


      So my question is this: How do I set the viewport RECT to size according to all of the iOS devices, and still have it look good in the end? To my knowledge, setting the viewport RECT is pretty much a static thing...you set to your (x, y, stage.stageHeight, stage.height-45) which is what mine currently is set to, and then adjust from there. Hopefully I am wrong.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!