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    nothing lines up


      I am working on one of my first compositions, i am using after effects cs5 and premier pro cs5, i have been using the replace with after effects comp feture in premier. When i finish a comp in after effects and play the clip in premier some frames line up an some frames are off when i look back into after effects ever thing lines up, so i have to go back and forth from after effects to premier and manipulate the images so they line up in priemier and are then off in after effects. What am i doing wrong how can i fix it, pleas help.



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I have no idea what the problem is. What do you mean when you say "don't line up?'" Position, timing, frame size???


          We need a lot more information and some screenshots would help. What are your project settings? What system are you on? What kind of footage?

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            tinmanhasaheart Level 1

            wow thanks for the fast response, in the comp i am working on i import a muzzle flash at the end of the gun it will line up 100% in after effects, when i play the clip back in premier the muzzle flash will be placed out to the side or up out of time with the gun when i go back to the same frame in after effects everything is good, so i have to go back to afte effects and move the muzzle flash up and over alittle go to premiere and see if it linesup then back to affter effects move it again, some frames it dosent but most frames i keep having the same problem. I am new at after effects and have only been using it for one week. I am running a very fast pc with windows 7.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              When you are using the Replace with After Effects Composition featuree in Premiere you are using Dynamic Link. It is very important that you select all video layers in Premiere. Once the shot or shots are selected and moved into AE the all footage will come back into Premiere as a single video layer. If this is not your workflow then you can end up with alignment problems especially if the footage in your Premiere Pro Project has mixed pixel aspect ratios.

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                Check your footage interpretation settings! Sounds like a classical pixel aspect ratio problem. That aside, why bother with all the trouble? You could just as easily render the clip in AE and replace its usage in Premiere...



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                  tinmanhasaheart Level 1

                  ok sounds good if rendering a clip in after effects then replace its usage in premiere will be a more productive work flow i will do that, second question is how do i do that its day number 8 with after effects and week 2 with premiere befor that the most complicated program i have ever used was word. Right now i cut everything in premiere then using the replace with after effects comp for every clip i do my color corection (well actualy i did the color corection in premier first for the entire thing, then when i used the replace with aftereffects feature the clip was imported without my color corection so i have to do all my corectionagin again and it took along time because befor i had no idea what color corection realy was or how to do it so i learnt about it then did it and now it is all gone so more practice for me) then lining up the effects by  going back and forth everytime then i do my color grading then i press play in premiere and it renders out then the clip is done. Can you help me be better


                  Thanks for all the help