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    Akamai HDNetStream and OSMF with other streams?


      I have started using the AkamaiAdvancedPlugin for the OSMF player to play HD live streams. So far i have been using streams created on Akamais server with multi bitrate streams and dynamic switching etc.  It has been working great HOWEVER we also need to stream from different vendors as well. In my code that works and the examples I have seen the akamai class creates an HDMBRObject() and assigns an httpBase (the server the stream is coming from) and then takes the dynamic bitrate streams and puts them into an array for dynamic switching.  (the code below actually parses the WHOLE URL from the database : 

      ex.    http://blah-f.akamaihd.net/test_1_1@60940

      into two parts: the stream name and the server name and assigns them independently). 


      But of course, my overlords want to stream from several different HD providers. is this possible even though its not Akamai and the other vendors streams are set up differently?   Can I just plug in a different stream from a different vendor and have it work even though their setup is different?


      here is an example of another vendor stream that doesnt look anything like the Akamai stream:http://msi-test-hds-live.adaptive.level3.net/msilivepkgr/surf/msi-surf-3096?adbe-live-even t=liveevent&adbe-http-streaming-ver=1.0.

      I suppose if i could bypass the '  h.httpBase = http://blah-f.akamaihd.net' and just use the whole stream name it would work (i think) but we all know it just could not be that simple 


      anyways, here is the code that parses the streams.....


      var media:Array = _config.mediaElementObj.media;


                  var addy:String = media[0].url;


                  var addyAr:Array = addy.split(".net/")


                  var parsedStr:String = addyAr[0] + ".net/";




                  var h:HDMBRObject = new HDMBRObject();


                  var a:Array = new Array();


                  var count:Number = media.length;




                  //assign the parsedStr as the httpBase


                  h.httpBase = parsedStr;




                  //loop through the URLs - parse each one and add the stream (array [1])


                  for (var i:Number = 0; i < count; i++ ){




                      var s:String = media[i].url;


                      var strA:Array = s.split(".net/")


                      var stream:String = strA[1];


                      h.addStream(stream, media[i].bitrate,_stageW,_stageH);








                  return a;



      any answers would be greatly appreciated!  thanks!



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          Silviu Vergoti Adobe Employee

          OSMF can play HD live streams  both on RTMP and Adobe HDS (http dynamic streaming) - you are not constrained to use Akamai.


          Not only that, we support DVR features as well.


          The recommended way is to create an f4m that points to your streams and to load it as an URLResource. You will not need the plugin, they should work directly - unless you want some other functionality that is in the plugin.


          Creating the streams and the f4m are well documented on FMS documentation.


          The  example of another vendor streamshould start with rtmp and it seems that it's the url that should be used by the encoder that feeds the streaming server.

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            csmaller Level 1


            Thanks for the prompt reply.  However the new HD streams are all starting with http://  not rtmp.  I have another player which loads the streams exactly as you are describing but I believe will not load any http based HD streams.  Maybe I am wrong? I will try it and see