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    New to OSMF - have several questions (closed captions, tutorial, etc), please help!




      I came across OSMF this week and am extremely curious to learn more about this for my job and personal work/knowledge. If any of these questions could be answered I will be ever-so grateful!! Thank you.


      1) Anyone know of or have any information or tutorials or plug-ins on how to make OSMF videos work with closed captions for single or a multi-video player gallery for each video? (captions - this is very important for my job)


      2) Does anyone know of any good and easy to understand (I'm mid-level in AS3) tutorials and/or source files on how to build an OSMF player preferably in Flash?


      3) I know Flash Builder (Flex) some, but am better with Flash (CS4/5), but a lot of what I see is for Flex... what is preferred for OSMF - Flex or Flash or it doesn't matter?


      4) I searched Amazon.com, but couldn't find - are there any books for OSMF?


      Sorry I posed this in Developers also, but unsure which is appropriate for my questions. Thank you, again.