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    Selective footage not rendering!!




      I have a 5 min video and when rendering, it displays a slow preview as it renders, everything looks fine there, but when I look at the rendered .avi, there are two layers which are not rendering, even though they appear in the preview and everything works fine when I view the footage inside AE.


      I have tried several combinations of rendering and none seem to work. The only similarities that share the two sections which wont render properly, are added effects and keyframes to their effects, but there is another layer which has effects too and that one renders fine.


      I will gladly provide any needed information that you may require in order to get more information regarding this issue. As I have stated before, I have tried a lot of combinations, the final one being with everything set to "Current Settings" and with Open GL on anf off.







      Windows 7

      After Effects CS5

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          dan_lizama Level 1



          The first layer which would not render had a Mask inside which did nothing, I deleted that and it seems to work now.


          The second layer had it's opacity down to 8%                     --__-- '




          What really bugs me is that while I'm playing the video inside AE or even watchig the preview as it renders, it shows differently that how it ACTUALLY looks like!!




          Anyway to fix this, or do I just have to live with it?





          Issue #1: Solved.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            the final one being with everything set to "Current Settings"


            Could be exactly the problem as it may use proxies and in addition cached pre-comps at different tresolutions. Set it to "Best Settings" to avoid that or override the relevant settings manualyl. Aside from that you could be seeing multiprocessing issues for effects that simply are not safe to use with the "Render multiple frames simultanously" feature due to the nature of your project. Also some third-party effects that use OpenGL would fall under that same category plus there may be licensing limitations with ssuch effects, too, that prevent them from running in MP modes...