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    debug option in RSL

      I am trying to change my application from static to dinamic linking,
      using -external-library-path=,
      I comp.exe every library with "debug=false"...
      but every time I run the application, "Flash Player 9" always ask to input IP address of the
      debuging server machine, about 8 time per application....
      Any body has any experience or article about RSL ?,
      I alread read all the manual page of Adob develper guide, but it does not say about that
      debugging dailog box....
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          Tauresul Level 1
          I got the same problem but compiling with Flex Builder and including debug option to false. I also get the screen for the debugging machine once per RSL I compiled.

          If someone got the solution, nice to receive it. Thanks
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            Has anyone found an answer to this yet. I'm getting this as well now.

            Also, to any of the Adobe team. It would be helpful if the RSL example in the docs could have the Flex Builder steps as well as the command line steps ( and/or in future version of Flex Builder, have an interface to the command line options a la the Visual C++ compiler)

            This all stems from the new Module features and separating applications into multiple smaller modules, and the linking issues associated with that model.