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    Making a digital framing application

    Alan Smithee Level 1

      I want to make a digital framing application like at this website:


      http://www.art.com/FrameStep/default.asp?apnum=3459566&PODConfigID=4990697&pd=13856207&sp= A&ui=978F9BE58F4C490C8CA5C33C44F089D0&customerzoneid=3


      Im not sure if i would be able to make this with an adobe program or if its something i would have to download off the internet. Any help would be much appreciated!

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          relaxatraja Level 5

          You can develop this application in flash. The thing you have to know is about textfields, loading images from external source, preloaders, event listeners etc. and you can sell the user designed frame to him/her using the cart system, so you need to communicate with the backend database for data storage and you should use server side script to make an communication between your flash and database.


          The familiar tools are:


          FLASH - Interface design and the container for all your designs

          PHP - Serverside script to communicate the database and flash.

          MySql - Is an database software, hence you maintain the consistent data here.


          Start Learning about it and google it the tool names, will help you.