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    Buttons That Link To Layers or Alternative ...


      Hi Everyone,


      I am a novice user of Flash and have backed myself into a corner this last week trying to figure this out. Hopefully all of you can help me at last!

      I am trying to create a Flash website that with multiple pages. Each page has input text areas to collect a number of something. I would like to do the following :


      Have multiple pages that keep the user's input data as they navigate back and forth between pages

      Allow the user to hit a simple "calculate" button to take the kept information on each page and show the end calculation of the entered data on each page on the main stage or page.


      I would assume that to keep input information intact, the pages would all have to reside in FRAME 1 where the actionscript is kept and the main guts of the calculations occur. So, is there a way to make a multi-page website in Frame 1 only using only multiple layers where the page buttons simply only go to another layer rather than page. Or, can I create a multi-page website over many frames, keep the user entered data intact while navigating to each page and propigate/calculate that data when the user hits the "calculate" button on the main page?


      Please help!

      Thank you all for your time!



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can create a single frame application/site that has many sections, but you cannot control the layers themselves.  What you do is toggle the visibility of the sections, either by switching the visible property of the section movieclip true and false, or by moving each section in and out of view in some other manner (such as animating them on and off the stage area.


          While you cannot control the layers, it is still a good idea to use them to keep each section separate so that things are easier to find and manage.


          Another approach to this would be to create each section as a separate swf file that you load/unload dynamically as needed.  This helps in that your main file can be very lightweight and load quickly.