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    Is there any Control available for showing HTML Output?

    Guru J



      We are working in a application whose technologies are Flex 4.0 and .Net 2010.
      We are using .Net WCF Service for interacting with backend from the Flex front end.

      We need to show the email received (from MS Outlook) to the logged in user.


      Currently we are using RichTextEditor (mx:RichTextEditor), which is causing few issues related to alignment, unnecessary spaces, some html tags (table, tr...) are not working...


      On research, we found that there is a control called mx:html. But later we found that it is only for AIR and cannot be used for web applications.


      Is there any control, that supports all the html tags and displays the content in html format (as we usually see our emails)?


      Please let us know if there are any suggestions or solutions for this issue.