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    Binding dynamically created charts and HTTPServices

    martinjconnolly Level 1

      Hi all

      I want to do the following and cannot figure out how to do it:

      1 - run a database query that returns a list of manager names

      2- for each of the manager names I want to add a tab to a TabNavigator which contains a chart with performance for each sales rep. That chart's dataProvider to be bound to a new HTTPService that I create dynamically with a request object containing the manager name. In MXML it would be just something like  chart1.dataProvider = "{httpService1.lastResult.list.rep}"


      I can get as far as creating the tabs and charts dynamically, but I am really struggling trying to get the binding between the dynamic HTTPServices and the charts. The BindingUtils stuff doesn't quite seem to do what I need. Can anyone suggest a way to do this?