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    Video in Flash is soo Jerky. I use latest Flash Player Downloaded Today

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      I am in the midst of deciding which technology to use...


      Flash or HTML5 with JScript.


      I am getting GREAT results with a JavaScript player. Totally smooth playback of my H264 Files.

      In the JavaScript Player the playback of the video is just as smooth running off the server as when playing it natively off my hard drive.


      Now comes Flash. And I am sure that I am doing something wrong..


      I have tried the following options>


      1) Imported the H.264 file in to flash cs5.5 and exported it all to html

      2) Converted the H.264 to FLV and F4V and done above

      3) Downloaded Flow Player and tried with all three above versions of the clip

      4) Tested the Flash Media Playback Option on the web

      5) Uploaded to VIMEO (Also Jerks there)


      All above have been tested with the clip running off a server and running off my native RAID system.



      No matter WHAT I do, the playback (lots of pans etc) is EXTREMELY jerky.


      That SAME clip played via HTML5 and the JSript player is just as smooth as when played back natively in the quicktime or VLC player.


      I am totally clueless here but perhaps now I understand (Finally) why Apple has chosen to void Flash from their iOS devices.



      Any help would be greatly appreciated.