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    "Only a single instance of this application can run"  Have you seen this yet?

    Highland Focus Level 1

      Hi -


      Please excuse a newbie's ignorance - I've never posted to any forums before :-)


      I am using Win7 Professional and IE9 on a well-spec'd HP PC (4GM Ram, dual core, lost of hard disk space etc).

      I have successfully downloaded Adobe Reader (install_reader 10....exe @ 703kb) using Win7.

      I cannot run this file (I have tried all I talk about here with Reader 9 and with Firefox;  all the same errors noted below get repeated)


      The error message is headed:  "UI_ReaderInstaller" and the text in the message is "Only a single instance of thsi application can run"


      The only option given is an "OK" button and leaves one having achieved nothing!


      I have never had a previous version of Adobe reader on this PC; this is a first time install attempt.


      If I search my PC for "UI_ReaderInstaller" it does not give any results!


      Please might someone more competent that I help me out here?  Maybe you've experienced this and found the solution?  Please might you share your knowledge with me?


      Thanks for reading and giving this your attention.  It is much appreciated.


      Highland D