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    premiere pro cs5 track matte woes

    getho Level 1

      I've got 2 duplicate layers.  I'm trying to use curves on the sky.  I've done this beofre - in the same project in fact and it works fine!!


      But on the new video layers I'm getting all sorts of digital nastiness.  the pics should tell the story...






      and these are the layers and settings (it does this with matte layer on or off - I just switched it on to see if anything happened)



      No effects on the bottom layer or the track matte (which is a title - very simple test matte created with black and white boxes.)


      And this is video 7 layer.  I get the same nastiness with any blend mode.


      this looks like a graphics card thing to me, but I dont get how at the bottom of the video layers stack are 3 nested clips with different effects including a track matte that applies a layer as multiply - that plays back fine in real time. (deleted whilst testing).

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          getho Level 1

          BTW I'm using an nvidia GTX 275, driver 260.99.  I delayed updating the driver because of some other premiere issues that it caused.


          Computer is an i7920 with 12gb of ram, SSD boot and WD raptor.  Footage is AVCHD 720.

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            Colin Brougham Level 6

            Just for argument's sake, what happens when you eliminate the time remapping on your background (Video 6) layer?

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              getho Level 1

              Well I just ditched those 2 layers and started with fresh clips with no effects or time remapping or anything.  set layer 7 to multiply and applied the track matte to it and got the same result.


              On the same timeline video 1,2,3,4 are 4 layers that do the same thing.  If I replace with the nested clip from video 7, then it works. But get this.  If I copy those clips to say video 5,6,7,8. Then THOSE clips stop working too.




              is there are issue with having 2 track mattes on the same timeline?

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                getho Level 1

                more info:

                If i copy layer 2-4 (2 video track s and matte) to layers 5-7 and then set the track matte to layer 7 it'll flake out. Just out of curiosity and then dleted the original tracks (1-4) and copied the flaky ones back to the bottoms of the stack. Set track matte to 3 and it all works.


                I then moved the track matte layer to layer 6 and it flaked out again.


                So it seems that putting the track matte in layer 6 or above with make it fail.


                I've tried this in a few different ways now it fails reliably in layer 6 or above. So is this just me, or is it a bug?