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    I need help with the VPAID library for OSMF




      I recently needed to create a VPAID based player for a client and I want it to get rid of the old JWPlayer/OVA approaching and go for the OSMF with VAST/VPAID libaries. The fact is that I tried to use your sample application from SVN files (VPAIDSample) but for some reason the LinearAD is played in the same time with the video clip (the clip to play) and is not visible. Also I can only hear the sound of it and at some point the sound from the LinearAD is played over the sound of the video clip. I don't know if I was specific enough but please let me know if you have a sollution on this matter or if you need any other information.



               Marius Constantin.

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          Silviu Vergoti Adobe Employee

          Hi Marius,


          I think this problem could be linked to the changes in the layout API and the order of the loading of the video elements.


          Please try to add layoutmetadata with index property to parallel videos so they render in the correct order, something like:



                      var layout1:LayoutMetadata = new LayoutMetadata();
                      layout1.index= 10 ;
                      videoElement.addMetadata(LayoutMetadata.LAYOUT_NAMESPACE, layout1);


                      var layout2:LayoutMetadata = new LayoutMetadata();
                       layout2.index= 20 ;
                       vpaidNonLinear.addMetadata(LayoutMetadata.LAYOUT_NAMESPACE, layout2);



          Tell me if that worked,



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            TheRossman Level 1

            Hi Silviu,


            Actually I just checked this out today as I have to build a VPAID compliant player, and I can confirm the OP's bug.


            By default VPAIDSample is setup to run a linear pre-roll before a content video in a serial element.





            But what actually happens is that the preroll and the content video play at the same time, and if you use the "pause" button the content video pauses but the eyewonder preroll keeps running in the background.


            So I do agree, there is also a layout issue, but there is also some kind of issue with the preroll example itself.


            I will see if I can figure this one out.




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              TheRossman Level 1

              This is kind of a weird one, maybe I do not have a good understanding of VPAIDElements yet....


              But if I modify the VPAIDSample to make it create only a VPAID Linear element, and assign that to the mediaplayer, it won't play.


              Should a VPAID ad unit play using the mediaplayer's play() method like any other media?


              I can provide a log of the console traces from this, it's odd because it looks like it's doing something, I'm just not sure what as yet.


              Reason I am investigating this is because I have another project which uses VAST, but want to add VPAID to it as well.  When I get a VPAIDElement in that player, it also doesn't play...