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    Canon XF105 - Interlaced??? 50fps?

    Karel Bata Level 1

      I borrowed a 3D rig the other day with two Canon XF105s http://www.canon.co.uk/For_Home/Product_Finder/Camcorders/professional/XF105/


      What I get off each camera is a bit baffling. In VLC I can see jaggies - it appears to be interlaced! Well, they'd only just been unpacked, so maybe that's how they come...


      The files get recorded in a folder that contains four files, like...



      Puting the footage into AE it looks fine at 25fps. But strangely at 50fps I see 50 independent frames per second.


      What is happening here? Can the footasge really be interlaced? Seems extraordinary. And does AE automatically de-interlace it?


      And at 50fps is AE converting 50 fields/seconds into 50 frames/second? That could be useful...


      Not sure what to do. Would first like to understand what's going on. There's a small sample here: https://www.yousendit.com/download/cnJnWGJBYTJvQnZ2Wmc9PQ It's a 12MB download


      The owner's gone abroad and I can't reach him, hence I'm asking here.