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    Need for clarification


      Hi All,


      I am cretin an MXML file and i write code like this.


                     <menu label="{resourceManager.

      getString('mainBundle','personal')}" >
                           <menuitem label="{resourceManager.getString('mainBundle','dashboards')} " folderType="Personal" resourcetype="DASHBOARD" isBranch="true" >
                           <menuitem label="{resourceManager.getString('mainBundle','reports')} " folderType="Personal" resourcetype="REPORT PORTFOLIO" isBranch="true" >
                    <menu label="{resourceManager.getString('mainBundle','public')}">
                          <menuitem label="{resourceManager.getString('mainBundle','dashboards')}" folderType="Public" resourcetype="DASHBOARD" isBranch="true" >
                           <menuitem label="{resourceManager.getString('mainBundle','reports')}" folderType="Public" resourcetype="REPORT PORTFOLIO" isBranch="true" >


      there are two sub menu's in the one menu with in XMLList.
      Second  sub menu is public it is successfully accessing keys through  resourceManager, but first sub menu is not accessing it returs as syntax  in my application ie {resourceManager.getString('mainBundle','dashboards')} this red color displayed in first submenu .

      how can i solve tis rest of all the sub menu's are executed successfully. it doesn't throw any exception.


      Thanks in advance,
      Uday Kumar C.