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    Troubleshoot "Create a New Script"

    DigiCat03 Level 1
      Hi everyone,

      I'm using Captivate 4 and want to update a variable to show what topics have been covered in a menu. However, after creating a variable, I cannot create a script. According the the Help file it should be located by selecting Project->Actions->Advanced Actions->Edit/Create Action menu->Create a New Script. Well, I get all the way to the "Create a New Script" and the only option I have is to "Create a New Action". Am I doing something wrong or missing a step?

      Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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          cp_user Level 1
          Hi DigiCat03 ,

          Once a variable is created, it can either have a default value that can be set from Variables tab in Actions dialog or can be assigned a value from a script that can be done from Advanced actions dialog.

          In Advanced actions dialog
          1. Select Create a New script
          2. Highlight "Add Statement" and press space bar
          3. Press space bar again on Statement
          4. From the resulting dropdown, select "Assignment"
          5. From the list of variables that appear, select the variable you created and assign a value
          6. Save and close the script
          7. Now this script can be executed by calling it from on slide enter event.

          Hope this helps.

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            DigiCat03 Level 1
            Hello Ravi,

            Thanks for the reply but I must not have made myself clear. My problem is that I don't have the option to "Create a New Script" under the advanced tab. On the drop down box for Edit/Create action there are two options: "Choose an action to edit" - the default; and "Create a new Action".

            I would love to do just as you described - but I can't find the 'Create a New Script". That's why I'm thinking I have missed something, have the wrong view.... it's making me a bit insane! ;-)

            Thanks again,
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              DigiCat03 Level 1
              Ok - duh - I get it. There is no "Create New Script" option. That is the "Create New Action". Sorry for the confusion. But as a newbie, I take everything literally and in the help files it makes it seem as if that is an option.

              Oh well. At least they finally added variables to the program! :-)
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                LyonLover Level 1
                Hi Cathy,
                You shouldn't be sorry, if the help file and Ravi are saying you should select "Create a New Script", but the interface says "Create a New Action" this is not your fault. This is the result of Adobe's typically poor documentation and a programmer not knowing their own product. I am sure you are not the only person with this problem.
                That's my rant for the day.