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    draincover Level 1


      I'm new to flash builder and hoping for some  help whilst I evaluate it. I'm a .Net person (up to now)

      Is there any way to programmatically and tree  nodes to a tree control that’s not databound? Tree.AddChild seems to be the way  but its alluding me just quite how to do this thus far.



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          draincover Level 1

          OK So its databound to an array of objects, I'll try not to ask any more simple questions!


          var parentObject:Object = new Object();

          parentObject.label = "Parent Object";

          var childObj1:Object = new Object();

          childObj1.label = "Child 1";

          var childObj2:Object = new Object();

          childObj2.label = "Child 2";

          parentObject.children = new Array();




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            John Hall Level 4

            Ask away regardless of how easy it looks after the fact. You would not believe the questions I've asked. I'll have to host a retrospective some day.

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              draincover Level 1

              Hi John


              Its nice to hear back from my question, so thank you for that.


              It's a very different world to get used to. I know I'm comparing apples and oranges here but in some areas is a little frustrating and others its very cool indeed. I didnt realy feel like starting again with another language but I think I might just be converting over





              PS: Do you know why a multiselect enabled list in desktop deselects other selected rows when clicking on a row but mobile does not? - Thats just my latest head scratcher!