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    How to place swf in Interactive PDF below other objects/frames

    thiefunny Level 1

      Hello there,


      My first post here , I hope one can help.


      I want to make a PDF with some text/content on top, and swf animation in the background - below content.

      So I place SWF file into InDesign, bring it to the layer below texts, then I make spread preview. Works great, I have a nice photos in the background changing one to another [swf animation] and on the top texts about these photos.


      Then I export it to interactive PDF and it just doesn't work this way. Animation displayes always on top, covering content.


      Is there a way to have a movie in Interactive PDF covered partially by some other elements or it will be always on top, and to achieve this effect I need to export my inDesign project to SWF?


      Best regards,

      Mikolaj Walanus