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    Unable to display a PDF image on the page - Mac 10.6




      Running an iMac with 10.6.8 and Indesign 5.0.4. Just wanting to export a PDF as per usual via File > Export function. However, I keep getting the error message, "Unable to display a PDF image on the page'. No idea what this is and have never seen this error before. The only info on the internet reveals error code 0x2511(9489).


      I've deleted prefs, closed down and re-opened Indesign and even restarted the computer. I've also re-linked the images contained in the document and even created a new document and set it up the same, but still the same problem. Investigating further, other Indesign documents still export properly.


      The only ones that don't export are 2 documents, both giving this same error message. Both documents are ones where a client has sent a PDF, I've imported into two of these into an 2-page A4 Indesign document (each PDF is 48MB each) and then just added a text layer (using Times) which is properly installed on the computer. I basically have to 'update' course dates for the client and add PDF to the website, all very basic.


      I've tried importing a jpeg and other PDFs into the file (replacing the existing ones) and they export fine.


      All my software is legal and I've exported this document before now in exactly the same File > Export without any problems (under 10.5 and 10.6).


      OK... I've just imported the offending PDFs into Acrobat, optimized and shrunk the file size, re-imported back to Indesign and the PDF export works fine. So it seems InDesign / PDF Export doesn't like large imported PDFs? I think they were originally exported from Publisher, so maybe that's the problem or a file conflict somehow.


      Any ideas on the culprit? I've googled it, searched these forums and Apple discussions and haven't found anything. Although I've found a workaround, I do get large files to import and then export. Thanks for any help