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    IME mode disables on file dialog


      We have this custom photo uploader that we designed to help non-computer types to be able to figure out what pictures they were about to send us before actually using their often limited bandwidth. It turns out that in Japan as soon as the multi-file select dialog is used it disables the IME mode switcher and our users have to exit the browser and restart before they can type in Japanese into the site again. We tried rolling back to a couple older flash players, 10.0.102 and 10.3.181 which didn't help. We also rebult the project with CS5 and that didn't work either. We're stumped because it worked in May, but sometime in June it seems to have stopped working. We're pretty sure it's not the uploader itself because it works in Chrome and Firefox, but it fails in IE7 and 8, on XP, Vista, and Windows 7. I'd add a code snippet, but there just isn't anything unusual in there, and nothing specific to Japan or even mentioning the IME mode. Anyone else experience this or have an idea as to what we can do with it?